The Dog & Cat Shelter received approximately 2300 cats and dogs in the 2003-2004 fiscal year.  This is a 25% increase or 600 more animals over previous years.  Our adoption and reclaim rates are well above the national averages.  The shelter employs 5 full time and 5 part time staff and has an annual budget of approximately $235,000.  This budget includes the cost of spaying/neutering any dogs or cats that are adopted from the shelter, medicine and treatments the animals need, as well as supplies and equipment to keep the building up and running.

On August 7, 2001, The Dog & Cat Shelter broke ground for a new shelter located at 84 East Ridge Road, as there was no room or land for expansion at the former location. The land for the new facility was donated by the City of Sheridan. A capital campaign drive from 2000-2003 raised approximately $1,000,000.  The new facility is completely paid for thanks to the generosity of Sheridan and the surrounding communities.