Volunteer Program

Volunteers are the lifeblood of most public service organizations and the Dog and Cat Shelter is no exception! 

We cannot continue to accept and care for homeless dogs and cats without your help! The service given by volunteers at the Dog and Cat Shelter is invaluable to our staff, our animals and the community.
The Dog and Cat Shelter encourages teamwork between employees and volunteers so that we may offer the animals in our care the best possible chance for adoption. Volunteers contribute unique talents, skills, and knowledge to our organization.
All community members are encouraged to become a part of our volunteer program. It takes a special person to offer his or her time and devotion to a cause as emotional as the care of homeless dogs and cats.

How Old Are Our Volunteers?

All ages are welcome, however, some restrictions do apply. All people 18 years and younger need to be accompanied to the class by a parent or legal guardian who is already a volunteer or is becoming a volunteer.

After completing the class, children 16 years or older need no parental supervision when they volunteer.

Those 14 to 16 years old need a parent to accompany them for the first month. Once they have proven themselves responsible and safe around the animals, they may come without an adult.  Children under 14 years must be accompanied by parent or guardian at all times.

Volunteer Classes are held the 2nd Saturday of each month at 11 a.m. at the Shelter. Please sign up for a class beforehand by calling or coming by the Shelter. That way we can call you if for some reason the class time has to be changed.


The Dog and Cat Shelter Always Needs Help

We can always use more helpers to assist with the endless cleaning and disinfecting necessary to keep the building healthy for the dogs and cats.

Stressed animals often get sick or depressed, and being homeless and around a mob of other animals is stressful. All the animals here benefit from Tender Loving Care and thrive when someone can give them individual attention.


Some animals need extra handling and socializing so they learn manners that will make them successful in a new home.

We need volunteers to fill in the gaps when we are short on staff, due to either illness or a holiday.

Volunteers are also a necessity for special projects that the staff members do not have the skills or time to do.

The time that our volunteers spend here helps the Dog and Cat Shelter apply for and receive grants that enable us to improve the Shelter and make it a

nicer place for the animals.

How You Can Help

Here are some of the ways that our volunteers help

  • Socializing with the animals
  • Taking dogs for walks. We have a paved half-mile walking path and 3 large exercise areas so volunteers can play with our dogs and take them for walks, thus keeping them happy until they’re adopted.
  • Playing fetch or Frisbee with the dogs
  • Teaching basic obedience commands
  • Cuddling and general TLC
  • Grooming the dogs and cats so that they look nice and to control shedding
  • Cleaning–We always can use help in the mornings, especially on holidays and weekends
  • Laundry is a continuous chore
  • We always need help shoveling walks in winter or mowing lawns and pulling weeds in summer
  • Follow-up calls to adopters to make sure that the adoption is working well and problem-solve if needed
  • Special projects such as assembling the twice-yearly mailings
  • Making ornaments for our Dog & Cat Trees at Christmas
  • Positive representation–Volunteers tell the community about the Shelter
  • Adopt and promote adoptions
  • Help gather funding and community support


Volunteering at the Shelter Helps People, Too!

Volunteers help the animals, but they also benefit from volunteering.

Working with animals is a great way for kids to learn responsibility and how to properly care for a pet of their own.

Investing time in volunteer work can make it much easier for young adults when they go to get their first job, and can be a great assist when filling out the community volunteer time on college applications and scholarships.

For some, an hour at the shelter is great therapy, and costs a lot less.

Others enjoy the chance to clean, and see some of the inner workings of the shelter. There is also the joy of knowing that you are helping to make a difference.