Wish List


  • Cat Litter:
    • High quality (non dusty/preferably wood pellets).
  • Entertainment/Stress Relief:
    • Cat-proof CD players (for stress-reducing music in our cat rooms). Relaxation DVD’s that would attract and entertain cats in our adoption room (fish swimming, birds singing, etc.)
  • Kitten Food:
    • Canned human tuna & chicken, jars of chicken baby food, and baby rice cereal
    • Milk replacer
  • Treats/Toys:
    • Catnip/Treats
    • Cat trees, scratching posts & condos, toys
    • FroliCat Laser Toy (interactive laser toy) for cats
  • Other:
    • Feliway diffusers
    • Kitty herbs and grasses planted in containers for our outdoor cat exercise area
    • Stainless steel food/water bowls
    • Cage hanging food/water bowls
    • beds



  • Collars/Harnesses:
    • DAP collars & diffusers for dogs – for stressed animals
    • Buckle collars for dogs (16″ – 22″ and 18″ – 24″)
    • Gentle Leader Harnesses (large and extra-large sizes)
  • Interactive Food Toys
    • Kibble Nibble, Atomic Treat Ball, Tricky Treat Ball, Tug-A-Jug, Kong Wobble or Buster Cube.
  • Puppy Food:
    • Milk replacer
  • Food/Treats:
    • Chew bones, rawhide bones, large Kong toys, and lots of dog treats
    • Canned pumpkin (not pie filling)
  • Kennels/Crates:
    • Large and extra-large collapsible/moveable wire dog crates
    • Portable exercise pens, 48” high
  • Other:
    • Stainless steel food/water bowls
    • Poop bags



  • Heavy duty sewing scissors
  • Tall laundry baskets with wheels
  • Heavy duty brooms, dust mops and dustpans
  • Commercial-grade mop buckets on wheels
  • Towels, blankets, rugs (no rubber backs)
  • Zip Lock bags of all sizes (gallon, sandwich & snack)
  • postage stamps, ball point pens, highlighters, Sharpies, paper clips, staples, scotch tape and spiral-bound 3-hole notebooks



  • Heat packs
  • replacement “hearts” and batteries (Silver Oxide SR44 1.5 volt batteries) for the SnuggleKitties and SnugglePuppies.



  • Walking/Exercising/Playing with dogs
  • construct climbing and perching places in our cat adoption room
  • paint murals in our cat adoption room
  • regularly commit to help clean and scrub the cat rooms on weekday mornings (any time between 7 a.m. – noon).