Our goal is for every animal to have a purpose or a place. Until then our mission is to provide them the best "home in between homes."

We are a 501C3 Non-Profit.

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Comfort Cat for the New Year!

Are you or someone you know feeling isolated? Could you use some temporary/long-term companionship to get through this unusual year? The Dog and Cat Shelter wants you to have a Comfort Cat for the New Year! We have many cats that adapt well and can offer temporary emotional support. We will help you get started on taking care of your new companion! If you’re unable to go out, we can also bring Comfort Cat to you. There is no need to be lonely. You will be doing something great for a cat, and good for you! Click the button on the side to fill out the application, or call 307-674-7694 and ask about the Comfort Cat program! Below are just a few…. Call Today! Don’t be alone anymore!

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