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View Our Pets:


Click the button for the type of animal you are looking to adopt to fill the application out.

All Adoptable Animals Are:

  • Examined by our veterinarian

  • Spayed or neutered

  • Up-to-date on their vaccinations

  • Microchipped



Kitten - $100

Adult - $60

Senior/Barn - $20



Puppy - $200

Adult Medium to Large - $100

Adult Small - $150

Senior – $65



To Adopt You Must:

Be 18 years of age or older

Be able to provide proof of homeownership


If renting, have the consent of your landlord


Provide vaccines on current animals.

VET RECORDS: I have 48 hours to provide the shelter with proof of our current animal vaccinations. Your vet may send through Email: or Fax: 672-6409

General Guidelines:

We do NOT do adoptions as surprise gifts but we do have gift cards.

Dog adopters: If you own another dog you may be required to do a ‘meet and greet’ between your dog and the dog you are interested in adopting. You will need to bring proof that your dog is up to date on his distemper and rabies shots.  Meet and Greets can be scheduled at any time and take place here at the shelter.  Ask the staff member assisting you with your adoption for more information on the ‘meet and greet’ process.

In the unfortunate event that your chosen animal does not work for your family, we encourage you to return the animal.  We offer refunds for up to two weeks after the date of adoption of your situation does not work out. 

Over a Year? Oh Dear! 


Happily Adopted!

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