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Vet Examining Dog


The Amazing Reproductive Numbers:

If a male and female cat were able to reproduce, and their offspring could reproduce, they could hypothetically create 467,000 cats over a 6-year span. If a male or female dog pair were able to reproduce, and their offspring reproduce, they could hypothetically have 67,000 dogs over a 6-year period.

What is the Program


This program is a locally-funded needs based assistance program to help minimize animal overpopulation in Sheridan County. We work will local vets and donations to be able to afford the cost so the public has an easy way to help sustain our population numbers. 

Due to funding, Certificates are limited. 




How to get the Certificate


Must have annual income of $35,000 or less.

Fill out certificate information.

Purchase for: 

Cat Female Spay - $40

Cat Male Neuter - $30

Dog Female Spay - $60

Dog Male Neuter - $50




How to get the Certificate


Inform your vet that you have received a certificate, as well as bring it with you to your appointment.

You will have 60 Days to use the certificate from the date its issued





Vets who accept Certificates


Big Goose Veterinary Clinic 



Moxey Schreiber Veterinary Hospital



Tongue River Veterinary Services



Kathy Ilgen, DVM





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