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In 1969 our shelter started on Fort street with a modest building and the hopes to help the animals and the people who lived in Sheridan County. For many years our shelter helped as much as they could but found the need outweighed the space, so they took the necessary steps and got the facility we use now built. Since then we as a shelter have worked hard to continue on our goal.

Many things we are happy and proud to have that people may not know about:

Dog kennels have an outdoor area attached

Heated floors for the dog kennels

Large outdoor kennels for the dogs to play the day away


A half-mile path for volunteers to walk the dogs daily


Large area for cats to play during the day

A catio, so the cats can soak up the sun

Enough room to be able to separate animals when needed 

A surgery and recovery room for our in house vet Karen Serres, DVM

We can keep enough staff to make sure the facility is clean and a happy environment for all of our animals until we find them their forever home.

Wonderful things we have done with the help of our Amazing Donors 

Provided low-cost Spay/Neuter certificates to families who love their pets but for whom the cost of altering them is prohibitive. 

Provided a series of Rabies Clinics to help those afford the vaccine who otherwise couldn't.

Started a Better Canine program for dogs who need a little more work and care.

The roof was replaced with the help of the City of Sheridan, A-Line roofing, and Empire Building Supplies. They helped with costs and saved the shelter thousands.

City Of Sheridan re-asphalted and painted the parking lot.

City of Sheridan also helped get paw-friendly gravel for our "Picnic area so we can have better meet and greets.

The City of Sheridan and Advanced Fencing helped us to get more outdoor runs for our stray side of the building.

Made sure every dog gets walked or exercised every day.

Made sure every dog and every cat (and rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, etc) have enriching lives through keeping us stocked with toys, treats, beds and food!

Meet our Director, AJ Evans

unnamed (5).jpg

AJ is a passionate critter nut at heart! AJ is pictured (left) with her beloved "Cosmo," who was adopted from the shelter in September of 2019!

Please get to know our Board Members

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