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An amazing resource for our shelter and many others are our fosters; they bring so much good when they open their homes to shelter animals. We ALWAYS need fosters!

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The steps to fostering are: 

  1. fill out the foster application

  2. have a discussion with the necessary department lead

  3. find what fits your home best


Ta-Da you are an official foster of the Dog & Cat Shelter!

A few requirements for fostering:

  • must be 18 or older 

  • proof of homeownership or approval of your landlord

  • if you have other animals they must be up to date on vaccines to protect your animals and the shelters

  • for dogs a fenced yard would be best

For more information call the shelter at 307-674-7694  

Animals you can foster:

  • dogs

  • cats

  • rabbits

  • guinea pigs

  • ferrets

  • and many more pocket pets


Click to Download!

The application can be sent through:

MAIL: 84 East Ridge Road

       Sheridan, WY 82801

FAX: 307-672-6409


Cat Foster Manual

Dog Foster Manual

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