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One of the most wonderful blessings our shelter has is our volunteers and we can't express how happy we are to see more volunteers join us.


The steps to volunteering are: 

  1. fill out the volunteer application

  2. attend the volunteer orientation

  3. (if necessary) attend the dog walking orientation

  4. Must be 18+ to work with dogs.


Ta-Da you are an official volunteer of the Dog & Cat Shelter!

A few recommendations for volunteering:

  • must be 18+ to work with dogs

  • minors need to be 10 or with an adult to work with cats

For more information call the shelter at 307-674-7694 and ask for Cindy! 

Areas you can volunteer:

  • walking dogs

  • socializing animals

  • help cleaning

  • brushing animals

  • making treats and toys for the animals

  • and many more activities!


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The application can be sent through:

MAIL: 84 East Ridge Road

       Sheridan, WY 82801

FAX: 307-672-6409



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