Our facility is here to take in lost animals and help them find their way home but that is not the only thing we do. We help the unclaimed animals find a new home and we also take surrenders for people who come into the unfortunate situation of needing to re-home their animals. 

As a shelter we like to have as many ways as possible for animals to have the best chance at finding the right home for them. A couple of these programs are the Senior Dog Project and the Bite Club. These programs come with great opportunities for animals but with those opportunities does come a monetary cost, here is where our gracious public comes in. Your donations are a huge help and go a long way to making our shelter a true home in between homes.


Fiscal Year End June 2020:

(numbers are only through May 2020)


Total Actual Income: $347,149.42  (Budgeted: $352,145.00.  Generated $4,995.58 LESS than the budget)

Income Breakdown:

Fundraising: $113,683.55

Grant Income: $40,000.00

Government : $59,000.00

Public Support: 73,510.63

Restricted Contributions: 22,245.00 (Spay/Neuter etc)

Shelter Ops Income:  $38,710.24


Total Actual Expenses: 479,350.82  (Budgeted: $482,613.00.  Expenses  $262.18 under budget)

Operating Loss: $112,201.40

Expense Breakdown:

Building Expense:  $6,536.15

Feed Expense:  $2,007.03  (Mars / Pedigree / Iams Donated our food.  A Savings of $ $44,580)

Fundraising Costs: $ 8,718.78

Grant Expenses:  $420.27

Office Expenses:  $ 15,392.06

Operating Supplies: $19,739.14  (Cat Litter, Cleaning Supplies, Microchips etc)

Restricted Expenses: $36,180.67  (Spay/ Neuter certs , Stray to Service)

Taxes: $ 35,179.42

Training:  $2,822.19

Vehicle: $ $2,125.74

Veterinarian Meds and Supplies:  $18,446.56

Payroll:  $323,578.63 (includes part time Veterinarian and Vet Techs)


Number of employees:  15  

Full Time Employees:  7


We are a 501C3 Non-Profit.

Tax ID: 83-0211418

Doing some shopping do it through Amazon Smile and Amazon will donate to the shelter!

Thank you so much to our community who have done so much for us.