Our mission is to be a safe haven "Home in Between Homes" for stray and surrendered pets until they can be adopted, rehabilitated or returned to their owner.

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11/18/21 Update:

Remember the day old puppies that came to us a few weeks ago?? They turned 6 weeks old!🥳 All are healthy and thriving, and we are even starting to see their personalities now! This was definitely a team effort and we can't wait to see them keep growing. Thanks for all the support and well wishes, they definitely worked!!! 

10/9/21 Update:

Four of the puppies are still putting up a good fight! Unfortunately, we lost one little guy last night, but not for lack of trying. That he passed warm and with a full belly is of some comfort. Fingers crossed for the other four. Our staff is putting in round the clock work into saving these pups. We still have a long way to go, but they are putting up a great fight! This truly is a group effort.

10/8/21 Update:

5 one day old puppies were brought into the shelter on October 7th at closing. They were in a plastic bucket with no towel or blanket. They were so cold their temp didn't register. Our staff rushed into action! Heating pads were gathered and puppies were held on our stomachs and rubbed to get them warm. They are being fostered by our staff as we take turns feeding them through the night. This doesn't mean they will live. But it won't be for lack of trying. This work is ALL about the animals. It wouldn't happen without the people. 

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